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Our responsible way

What do we mean when we say we develop strong companies in a responsible way? Working towards our mission we believe that responsible investing goes beyond financial returns and economic sustainability. It goes without saying that we follow the rules for good corporate governance, but we have also made a pledge to act responsibly when we develop our businesses. We assess and review ESG throughout the investment process and as an integrated part of our active ownership model, thereby solving ESG issues at a faster pace.

We joined the UN Global Compact in 2010 and has worked strategically with corporate social responsibility (CSR) at both fund and company level ever since. We are committed to the UN PRI reporting guidelines and the UN Global Compact, where we submitted our first COP “communication on progress” report in 2016, the most recent was filed in April 2018.

We're also engaged in the Nordic investment community and proud founders of Axcelfuture, DVCA (“Danish Venture and Private Equity Association”) and member of SVCA (“Swedish Venture and Private Equity Association”). Axcel complies with standing DVCA and SVCA guidelines.

Selected sustainability reports in our companies

Delete 2018
Danish Ship Finance 2018
Frontmatec 2018

We support charities

All private equity funds managed by Axcel Management pay an annual fee to a charitable foundation that operates independently of Axcel Management.

The foundation awards grants for non-profit cultural activities, research and scientific work, mainly relating to business conditions, business-related education of all kinds, promotion of the interests of the private equity industry, and general charitable humanitarian work.

You can contact the foundation by email to Management will then make sure to forward your email to management of the foundation.

Axcelfuture is our think tank

Axcelfuture aims to improve the investment climate in Denmark. Founded in May 2012, Axcelfuture explores ways to improve investment conditions and make Denmark a preferred destination for investment.

Axcelfuture was initially financed by Axcel's investment professionals. Today it is a self-supporting think tank that partners with external stakeholders and currently focusing on business investments, business taxation, free trade and green energy transition.

You can read more about Axcelfuture here.